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It does not seem to be an accurate record of the number of species of fresh water fish in Sri Lanka.Ahmed MK (2003) A Checklist of The Prawn and Shrimp Fauna of Bangladesh with Some New records.In this work, we developed some ISSR and multiplex ISSR markers to investigate the genetic variability and reconstructing phylogenetic relations among some shrimp species (Penaeus latisulcatus, Penaeus semisulcatus, Penaeus monodon and Penaeus indicus). The.

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India has over 2 million square kilometers of Sea with a potential annual catch of around 5 million tons of sea food.

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Among the Indo- Pacific species there is strong support for the relation Several studies, utilizing.The body is translucent white to yellow with tiny reddish-brown spots.Penaeus indicus, (b) Mass mortalities in Penaeus indicus and some invading Tilapia zillii, (c) Moribund Penaeus indicus showing hemorrhages, redness of legs (swimmers) and tail area (uropods) and (d) Penaeus indicus showing congestion of.F. indicus: Redleg banana prawn, Indian banana prawn Description: Banana prawns are large prawns.Species Discrimination of Postlarvae and Early Juvenile Brown Shrimp (Farfantepenaeus aztecus) and Pink Shrimp (F. duorarum) (Decapoda: Penaeidae): Coupling Molecular Genetics and Comparative Morphology to Identify Early Life Stages.

There are 16 penaeus indicus suppliers, mainly located in Asia.

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Common Name: White Shrimp Latin Name: Penaeus Indicus, Penaeus Merguiensis Colour: Yellow Specifications: Whole Frozen, Headless Shell On (HLSO), Tail On, Tail Off, Peeled Undeveined (PUD), Peeled Deveined (PD), Peeled Tail On (PTO), Peeled Deveined Tail On (PDTO).T. he Northern Prawn Fishery targets prawns in northern Australian waters.All trees based on sequence data show an P. semisulcatus. unambiguous grouping of western Atlantic species with the eastern Pacific species to form a monophyletic DISCUSSION group relative to Indo-Pacific forms.

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Pakistan. indicus belongs to the closed thelycum group and mating takes place immediately after the females moult.Main producer countries of Penaeus indicus (FAO Fishery Statistics. active at both day and night. Malaysia. The nauplii are free swimming and non-feeding and pass through six moults. the Gulf. Southern China and the Northern coast.Commercial fishing for them is allowed from April to June and July to November.

In generally, Penaeus monodon is cultured in the coastal areas in our country and have a great value because of its high market demand, high nutritional value, fast growth rate and availability of fry or post larvae in natural resource.Asian Fisheries Society, Manila, Philippines Growth Response of White Prawn, Penaeus indicus, to Dietary L-Carnitine.Caught more abundantly along the Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala Coasts.