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For mobile use, including smartphones and tablets, connection speeds need to have a peak of at least 100 megabits per second, and for more stationary uses such as mobile hotspots, at least 1.The standards of 4G networks are a bit confusing, but on any given network, 4G speeds are generally at least twice as fast as 3G.

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The global average speed reported to OpenSignal on WiFi was 4.4 Mbps, whereas on 4G it was 9.3 Mbps.

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The fastest download speed the iPhone supports is about 40 million bits per second on Wi-Fi.

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The iPhone 5 model uses 3G, 4G LTE and Wi-Fi for email, Web browsing and other data functions.There are many variations of 3G networks, so speeds can range much higher than 144 Kbps.Average 4G LTE download speed: 7.45 mbps Los Angeles is the largest city in California and the second largest urban nation in the United States.

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Speeds This device requires a service plan that includes data service.Note that the Clear Spot Apollo (Clear) and the Samsung 4G SCH-11 (Verizon) were tested the same way but on a different day and are shown here only for reference as to the speeds you can expect from a 4G connection.

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The average download speeds of 6.1Mbps in the country is over 10 Mbps lower than the global average that increased from 16.2Mbps to 16.6Mbps in the last six months.Over the summer, we saw EE pull ahead of its competitors in 4G speed, averaging 28 Mbps in our download tests. 3, which was tied with EE for fastest speed in our April report, came in second in our tests, with an average LTE speed of 24.5 Mbps, but the average speeds we measured for O2 and Vodafone both fell below the 20 Mbps bar.According to the State of LTE February report by OpenSignal, mobile carriers across the globe have been unable to take their average 4G speeds past the 50 Mbps mark.

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Available wherever Verizon 4G LTE service is offered, LTE Internet (Installed) provides average download speeds between 5 and 12 Mbps and upload speeds of 2 to 5 Mbps—not to mention Wi-Fi connectivity for up to 20 devices and wired connectivity for up to four devices.

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OpenSignal says it used more than 50 billion measurements collected from over 3.8 million smartphone and other mobile device users to compare 4G availability and 4G speeds in 77 countries around the globe.The ITU-R set standards for 4G connectivity in March of 2008, requiring all services described as 4G to adhere to a set of speed and connection standards.

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As it turns out, the same holds true in the 2012 PCWorld 13 city speed.Los Angeles is a major hub of shipping, manufacturing, industry, and finance, and is a well-known tourist destination.

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Depends where you are and where the tower is and how busy the tower is at the time.Not surprisingly, elated users have taken to the social media to show off the bump in their Internet speeds.