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The Elecsys CA 19-9 tumor marker assay is based on the monoclonal 1116-NS-19-9 antibody which is only available from Fujirebio Diagnostics, its licensees and its representatives.CA 19-9, such as elevated levels in benign jaundice, pan- creatitis, ovarian cancer, or other gastrointestinal malig- nancies, have made it unfavorable as a screening test.

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Sensitivity and specificity are low, however, so it is of more use for.CA 19-9 antigen) is a tumor marker that is used primarily in the management of pancreatic cancer.

CA 19-9 is the most sensitive and specific marker currently used in the diagnosis of pancreatic cancer.CA 19-9 is a tumor-associated antigen which is elevated in pancreatic cancers, cancers of the upper gastrointestinal tract, ovarian cancer, hepatocellular cancer, colorectal cancer, inflammatory conditions of the hepatobiliary system, and in thyroid diseases.Generally speaking, if the ca-19-9 results are below 25 units per liter of ca-19-9 the person is considered to be healthy.People suffering from pancreatic cancer often have elevated levels of CA 19-9.

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High levels of CA 19-9 may indicate that cancer has spread, but other medical conditions may cause high levels of CA 19-9.It is important to note that not every patient with pancreatic cancer will have an elevated CA 19-9 level.

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This protein is elevated in more than 80 percent of women with advanced.

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