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Warm-up and cool-down exercises, or stretching, are essential to any exercise program.

As well as preventing injuries, correct exercise preparation will help you get the best out of your workout.Cool-Down Games for Kids by Cindy Bross, PhD on Jun 20, 2013 Since many schools no longer offer physical education, a lot of fitness professionals are volunteering their time before and after school.

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A solid cooldown ritual after your training runs and races is just as important to your performance and recovery as the warmup.It is also important to allow the body to slow down instead of abruptly stopping an activity.The lessons in this section address athletic skills such as body awareness and agility, as well as warm-up, cool-down, and stretching routines.

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Objective: This activity is designed to help your students learn how to cool down after running.The Basics Of Warming-Up, Mobility And Cooling-Down To prepare for exercise and get the most out of your fitness training it is important to warm up, cool down and stretch properly.

They encourage students to stay relaxed, and to embody the attributes of great athletes.Find this Pin and more on PE agility, exerciese, fitness activities by Martha Murphy.Teaching Tools has everything you need to enable children and youth to lead healthy active lives.

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The warm up exercises are crucial to any sports or fitness training program.Before or after a sports practice or a long bike ride, before bed, or anytime your child's muscles feel tense or tight, encourage her to try some easy stretches.

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There are studies that report over stretching can actually cause injury, while other studies state lack of stretching can cause injury.If it is too hot, let it cool down until you can comfortably heat your penis without burning yourself.Taking the time to cool down after a great exercise session, game or other activity is important for recovery and allows time to discuss accomplishments, provide feedback, set future goals and assign homework that youth can do on their own.

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These physical fitness songs are available from a variety of albums.

Cool-down activities also help to prepare the children for the transition back into the classroom setting.Dancing increases adrenaline and endorphins (hormones) in circulations which can lead to restlessness and sleep.Jog for a bit so your body can gradually slow down and then move to static stretches -- stretching your quads, hamstrings, calves, back and other essential muscle groups.Cool down exercises are important to perform after almost any form of physical exercise, including running.Some of the most commonly recommended cool down stretches for elderly people include shoulder rolls, overhead stretch, neck side stretch, arms stretch, neck rotation, arms raises and shoulder circles.Netball fun cool down fun cool down Youth Netball drills, session plan, lesson plans and practices.

The recommended cool down stretches for elderly people may be a bit lighter, so that the risks of injuries are minimized.Below are some ideas to help children ease into and out of the.

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This Fitness Blender Cool Down Workout video is made of thorough stretches to help you slowly bring down your heart rate and help fend off muscle soreness after a tough workout.Cool Down After a grueling match or practice session, you might want nothing more than a cold beer and a soothing hot tub.Students learn a series of stretches for cooling down after running.A good cool down should return heart rate its resting rate, lower the levels of lactic acid and adrenaline in the body and reduce soreness after practice or the next day.Some of these games are high-intensity, some are based on movement that stimulates brain activity, and some are designed with the simple goal of getting kids up, active and happy to move.

As a result, you feel stiff and sore later on and may even continue to feel stiff during the days following your workout.

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Kids this age need that daily hour of moderate to vigorous activity to stay fit and healthy.

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The cool down is just as important as the warm up If the activity stops suddenly the blood will pool within the muscles rather than return the blood to the brain, this will cause dizziness.