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The coinage of modern Sierra Leone commenced in 1964 with a set of coins honoring the late Sir Milton Margai, father of his country.

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Canadian Copper Pennies to Look For An increasing amount of Canadians are realizing that the old coins in their change are worth much more then the face value printed on them.Bicentennial (1776 - 1976) In an open contest for the selection of suitable designs for the special Bicentennial reverses of the quarter, half dollar, and dollar, Seth G.

The coins range from the bronze half cent through the copper-nickel leone (dollar, if you will).Coin collecting is a fun hobby, but collectors naturally want to know the value of their coins.Small denomination coins which were made of bronze, nickel-brass, cupro-nickel, and aluminium-bronze were gradually minted in aluminium.The first coin minted in such type was the 3 Paisa coin in 1964, which was a new denomination, and continued to be minted till 1971.

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The Canadian copper penny calculator only shows what the copper metal in your Canadian pennies is worth (intrinsic value), and will not indicate any numismatic (collector.That coin is the 1964-D Peace dollar -- and it is, without much doubt, the single most valuable U.S. coin struck in the last 65 years, or since the production and immediate withdrawal of the 1933 double eagle.The enormous mintage of 1964-dated nickels from the Denver Mint was the product of a date freeze imposed by Congress.

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After all, in 1964, you could have paid ten cents to buy a dime.The Canadian Copper Penny Melt Value Calculator, located below, will help you find the total copper value and total copper content of your pre-1997 Canadian copper cents.

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This site measures the pure metal value or current melt value of U.S. circulating and pre-1965 silver coins (ignoring the numismatic value, some people call it junk silver too).

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Always save U.S. coins that are more than a century old, and learn which younger coins are worth saving as well.This is something I am interested in, so I will keep you updated when I find out something.

Did you know that pre-1964 U.S. coins are commonly called junk silver.Worth something considerable in any condition at all. 1922 - no mint mark.

The Kennedy half dollar, first minted in 1964, is a fifty-cent coin currently issued by the United States Mint.

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For information about specific coin types, click a link below or see FAQ About Coins.The value of common pre-1964 US silver coins changes as the price of silver ebbs and flows in the global market, and is also affected by the global industrial demand for silver.

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Kennedy, it was authorized by Congress just over a month after his death.One seemed to have been a lark perpetrated by a high school student. the old mercury trick.These pennies have risen in value over the years, with most reaching 10 times the face value.

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It has George Washington on the front and either a United States emblem or a design of one of the 50 states on the back.These 1964 and older dimes, quarters, half dollars, and dollars are made of 90% silver.Though they were struck with a 1964 mint date but in truth, some of the junk U.S. silver dimes were minted until 1966.The switch to copper-coated zinc Lincoln Cents was supposed to be complete in 1982.

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The exact value of each coin depends upon its condition, the date it was minted and its particular design.August 7, 2009 A 1964 Lincoln Cent is a common coin today and in circulated grades it is worth one cent.

In 2007, the U.S. Mint implemented outlawed melting down pennies for profit.

Valuable old pennies include the half-cent penny, the American large cent, the flying eagle penny, the Indian penny and the Lincoln wheat penny.This design is still used today, although there are few half dollars in circulation.Junk Silver, also known as 90% Silver, generally refers to old US currency coins whose valued is based on the silver bullion value of the silver content it contains.This is the first time a US nickel was produced with a mintage figure over 1 billion.Coins that are damaged, cleaned, polished or very worn are worth less than the listed prices.These are rare and valuable pennies to look for in circulation.